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Min. Solomon Teye Alipoh

Minister of Radical Hospitality

Solomon Teye Alipoh is a candidate for ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church through the Union Combined Parish.

Hailing from Ghana, Solomon served as lay minister in the Christ Apostolic Church International, and then served two local assemblies from 2016 to 2018. In 2015, he founded Teye Alipoh Worldwide Ministries, a non-denominational outreach ministry geared to preaching and making disciples for Jesus Christ by meeting the material and financial needs of deprived communities in Ghana. He has been featured on popular Ghana television and radio shows, including the Eti Sen Show.

Solomon earned a diploma in Theology from Christ Apostolic University College in Ghana, and Master of Divinity from the Boston University School of Theology. He is pursuing a Master of Sacred Theology.

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