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"You will rebuild the ancient ruins, and build upon age-old foundations. You will be called repairer of broken walls and restorer of ruined neighborhoods."

Isaiah 58:12

About Home + Table

Home + Table is the Union Combined Parish's flagship initiative aimed at counteracting housing and food insecurity in Greater Boston. Because we believe that the church is a spiritual home shaped around the Lord's Table, we're developing sanctuary and practicing communion in real, tangible, and material ways. As followers of Jesus, we live out our faith by doing what Jesus did—building homes and feeding people. 



Together, we're building on Union's legacy in housing justice. In the 1970s, Union developed the Meth-Union Cooperative Manor, a 149-unit, four building affordable housing project. In 2021, Union converted its parsonage into the Hilda Evans House, and in 2023, opened the Brighton Methodist House, both of which house African and African American seminarians. 


Together, we'll feed God's people. For over 50 years, Union's Food Pantry has served hundreds of families each month. At Old West Church, the groundbreaking Food Forest helps source meals, and symbolizes God's bounty and good stewardship of the earth.

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